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"Music full of energy, hip swinging, bluesy and fun..."
The Brass Volcanoes are a jazz band consisting of brass, saxophones and drums. All of the band are professional jazz musicians who work together to create fabulous arrangements of popular and less well known tunes on the spot: ideas, solos and riffs are thrown around the band so that no two performances are ever the same. The music is filled with energy and life which draws the audience and makes you want to be part of it.

The Brass Volcanoes are inspired by a long tradition of Brass Bands from New Orleans as well as other parts of the world: expect flavours of the Balkans, Latin America, the Caribbean, Kletzmer, all with their own London twist. We play a mix of original songs unique to the band, arrangements of popular songs, Mardi Gras and jazz standards, funk classics...

We play on stages, in parks, on streets, for parades, for parties, in bars... wherever!

True to the New Orleans brass band spirit is the desire for everyone to have a good time through the excitement of creating and listening to great live music.
New Olreans style funeral band 

We have a line-up and repertoire suited for New Orleans style funerals.  If you are interested in this follow this link for more information...
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London's funkiest New Orleans style brass jazz band